Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pakistan Explanation

Well...First i was a little nervous when i saw my cousins.

But then i got used to them, we played a lot.
But when i went to Liberty (A place full of shops)I was shocked when we went the library,it sells toys,I had three floors, the whole first floor was full of toys, costumes i saw the black spider-man costume so i asked my mom to buy it for me.

She said tomorrow we will get them with my cousins (Who weren't with us)
But the next my m om said she didn't have any money and the next
the same thing happened and the next day (i think that was the day we went)We went to Liberty.

When we were finished with the girls shopping it took us a long time to Find the library,But alhumdulillah we found it.

But we didnt find the sizes,i wasnt happy, But then my dad came he said we will go to toy land and see if they have costumes,they did,they had the sizes.
So i got Black Spider-Man,My cousin usama got Red Spider-Man,my cousin usaid (USA ID)Got Super-Man,
And thats it.
Salam (dont know how to explain)

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