Monday, February 26, 2007

Snow Man

Gess What.Me and my sister made a snow man

I had thy idea.

I made two snow balls my sister made one.

My sister made one snow ball and the buttons the eyes the mouth and put the scarf the hat and the carrot on.

Then we had a a very good snow man.

Thats the story

See ya

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Watch this video closely:

Sunday, February 4, 2007


This is a story called: "Faruq and The Termites".

It was a bright sunny Sunday. Faruq had gone to the forest for a picnic with his teacher and his classmates. Faruq and his Freinds began playing hide and seek. Suddenly Faruq heard a voice crying, “Be careful!” Faruq began looking right and left, unsure of where the voice was coming from. But there was nobody there. Later on he heard the same voice again. This time it said, “I’m down here!” Right next to his foot Faruq noticed an insect that looked much like an ant. Who are you? He asked. I’m a termite, the tiny creature replied. I’v never heard of a creature called a termite, mused Faruq, do you live alone? No, replied the insect, we live in nests in big groups. If you like I’ll show you one, said the insect. Faruq agreed, and they moved off. When they arrived , what the termite showed Faruq looked like a tall building with windows in it. What’s this? Faruq wanted to know. This is our home, the termite explained, We build these ourselves. But you are so small, objected Faruq. If your friends are all the same size as you, how can you possibly make something as big as this?! Asked Faruq, with confusion.

The termite smiled your right to be surprised, Faruq. For little creatures like us to be able to make places like this really is very surprising. But don’t forget, this is easy for Allah, Who created us all.” What is more, the termite continued, besides being very tall our homes have other very special features to them as well. For example we make special children’s rooms, places for growing mushrooms, and a Queen’s thrown room for our homes. And we don’t forget to make a ventilation system for our homes. By doing this we balance the Humidity and Temperature inside. And before I forget, let me tell you something else, Faruq, we are unable to see!

Faruq was amazed, Although you are so tiny you can hardly be seen, you still build homes just like tall building people make. How do manage to do all this?

The termite smiled again, as I said before, it is Allah Who gives us these extraordinary talents. He created us in such a way that we are able to do all these things, But now Faruq I must go back and help my Friends.

Faruq understood: I want to go and tell my Parents and friends what I have learned about you right away.

Good idea, Faruq, waved the little termite, Look after yourself. Hope to see you again

The End