Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boats (bowls)

Ok, This is what happend.

I fineshed my food onece.

Then i put my bowl in the sink in a pot full of water .

Then it began to float.

Then i fineshed my food again and put my bowl in the same pot.

Then the first bowl sank and the other bowl kept floating.

The End


Amad said...

why do you think the first bowl sank??

think about it and let me know

Mama said...

cool boods, that was neat!

Next time just wash the bowl instead of making boats! :)


Anonymous said...

Cool, you are geneious...finally some boy is smart! :)

-Anonymous Girl

mujahideen ryder said...

yoooo when i was small i use to be amazed of that too.

try this, put some water in the bowl and then see if the bowl still floats. don't put a lot, put like a lil bit. and then add some more and see what happens.

and i never washed dishes when i was small. :-D but if your mama really said that, then you might have to actually do that.

Mama said...

Aboodi and dishes!! He would probably flood my kitchen trying out his boats with all the dishes first!!! :)

a.a. said...

flooding kitchen is a fun idea....

Reem said...

a.a. ,

wil lou please tell me your name on my blog you gave me a comment on it before