Monday, February 26, 2007

Snow Man

Gess What.Me and my sister made a snow man

I had thy idea.

I made two snow balls my sister made one.

My sister made one snow ball and the buttons the eyes the mouth and put the scarf the hat and the carrot on.

Then we had a a very good snow man.

Thats the story

See ya


Anonymous said...


this is one awesome snowman!! I wish I could make one. How did you do this? How did you make the balls..

Neat work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Abdullah,

This is a very cute snowman just like you!

Anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

Salam Abdullah,

Hey you deleted my comments about girls being better then boys.

But your snowman is probably better then mine :)

Anonymous Girl

Amad said...

That was amazing snowman... you and reemo did a GREAT job... i put your picture with the snowman on the door of my office!

Reem said...
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Anonymous said...

why do yuo keep deleating coments . it is very bothiring.

Reem said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey Abdullah, you have not put anything new in your blog for a long time.

What's up? Too tired or too busy?
HAHA I guess boys are just tired...and girls are active :)

You look cute though :)

-Anonymous Girl

Anonymous said...

i think you are so cute, i want to pull your cheek... and give you ten bosas..
guess who i am??

Abdullah said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Abdullah, you don't reply to my comments, why? Because now you know that girls are smarter then boys?!


-Anonymous Girl

Abdullah said...

Hey Anonymous Girl.

you know that boys are better smarter and more active then girls.


Abdullah said...

And now i answored your comment

Anonymous said...

u are cuter than me... nooo fair

-anonymous boy

Anonymous said...

Hey I thought boys don't get teased!! Do you really get teased Abdullah??!!

-Anonymous Girl

a.a. said...

did the snowman die when it got hot?

i am so sad for the snow man.